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Wish 2 List is a social wish list web site where users can create free wish lists and interact with one another. While being simple to use, it offers advance wish list features such as group management, private/public lists, and our "Wish 2 List It!" function that allows you to add items to your wish list while browsing another site.
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orthofreeze orthofreeze created the Wish List Ortho Freeze
Wearbriefly Wearbriefly created the Wish List wear briefly
Jonathan Jonathan created the Wish List Christmas 2023
Melissa Melissa created the Wish List Nadias 17th birthday
bannerstandpros bannerstandpros created the Wish List bannerstandpros
Nadia Nadia created the Wish List my 17th birthday
Melissa Melissa created the Wish List Melissas Birthday - 2023

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