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Wish 2 List is a social wish list web site where users can create free wish lists and interact with one another. While being simple to use, it offers advance wish list features such as group management, private/public lists, and our "Wish 2 List It!" function that allows you to add items to your wish list while browsing another site.
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Recent Member Activity

LMWeaver LMWeaver created the Wish List August Baby
SierraDawn161 SierraDawn161 created the Wish List Things I Need
pleasureparties pleasureparties created the Wish List Pleasure List
foxylady foxylady created the Wish List Home starter
mykeerose18 mykeerose18 created the Wish List Birthday and Graduation Wishlist
Alexa Alexa created the Wish List Alexas 5th Birthday
Stuff_Amber_desires Stuff_Amber_desires created the Wish List Stuff I desire

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